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We are a Specialty Food company; providing locally sourced, non-gmo, gluten free products.  Perfecting traditional sauces and creating new wonders like our Bacon Jam is just the beginning.

Real Food


Quality  Food starts at the beginning.  Planting quality seed managed by people that love what they grow.  Sourcing fresh quality midwest ingredients is the only way to offer quality unparalleled on any shelf.  we are removing the six months of supply chain, bringing you the best in the midwest! made with american grown produce, herbs, and spices.  We make it the best.  This is Real Food. 

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Midwest Grown

The food world started for me with my Aunt Becky as she opted to be on a Macrobiotic diet to extend her life, due to multiple cancers including pancreatic. The promise I made to her to become a Chef is as real as "it" gets- so my culinary career began with education, and training ending with my Culinary Arts certification (CC), Hospitality Administration, and Restaurant Management degrees. I leaped into the workforce in Carmel, Indiana, and continued working at the Mariott, and The Hyatt on the tiny island of Guam.

Midwest Fresh started as my own restaurant consulting firm, after returning home and opening places like; Grains and Grill, P.C. Brick Oven Pizza, Bad Dad Brewery, One10 West Main, and elements of many others, I knew it was time. I had been working on my plan for quite some time; execution is elemental. After fine tuning the strategy, I launched the retail line in as many local grocery stores and meat shops as possible, also my website I relied on all the local storefronts, and awesome distribution to bring my brand life. People like you and me that are a part of this community and this state make decisions with dollars. These dollars are what helped create the nation we live in today, it is my honor and pleasure to bring to you my offerings, and can only thank you for choosing to make others opportunities real, and to be "What America is Made of". Thank you for being a part of my Hoosier grown legacy.  


Midwest Fresh IS the Love that I have for my food bottled with the desire to provide something better for everyone. 

Growing up in Indiana has provided me with the flavors of seasons, from fresh sweet corn, to beautiful mushrooms. The Midwest is the best!  Hence the name, the calling for something better, something everyone has had but no one has really tasted, until now...