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Free Shipping on any orders over $35


Make food taste even better

Our Story

Midwest Fresh started as a restaurant consulting company by Chef Kevin Grider. Armed with his arsenal of signature sauces and exquisite dish recipes, he was able to achieve several successful restaurant openings and revitalizations’. During his tenure as a consultant, Chef Kevin realized his signature recipes had the potential to be household brand names. He immediately began bottling sauces using real ingredients from Indiana,and selling them to retailers across the state of Indiana. 

Within six months, his dream of building his company into a legitimate brand had come to fruition as orders began surge. Stores across the region began filling their shelves with his delicious sauces, and within a year a handful of distributors had helped Midwest Fresh grow to over 300 store locations. Kevin’s dream continues today as Midwest Fresh is positioned to become a staple in homes across the Midwest and beyond.

About The Owner

Growing up in Indiana has provided me with the flavors of seasons, from fresh sweet corn to beautiful mushrooms. The Midwest is the best!  Hence the name, the calling for something better, something everyone has had but no one has really tasted, until now. There is no better feeling than accomplishing your goals,   Years ago I made a Promise to be a chef, and cook real food.  Now  I want to share with everyone the tastes that have been created.  Midwest Fresh the Love that I have for my food bottled with the desire to provide something better for everyone.

Midwest Fresh offers unique and delicious products ranging from our best selling Bacon Jam to our innovative vinaigrette’s. Our extraordinary sauces have been adored by consumers and retailers alike. As one of the fastest growing brands in the Midwest, we are focused on the demands of a market that yearns for exclusive products sourced from high quality food producers, and we continue to craft our specialty foods to suit those needs.

Product quality remains our top priority as we gravitate towards the national stage. Through deliberate trial and sourcing, we are able to craft our products into great tasting additions for any palate, especially with today’s market. Today’s consumer actively seeks out these product features as well as many other attributes than can be found in Midwest Fresh products such as Gluten-Free, non-GMO, and sourced from sustainable farms. This strategy continues to hold true with high levels of residual sales being organically growing by word of mouth.

Midwest Fresh products can be found on the shelves of hundreds of retailers in 7 states across the Midwest including Kroger, Meijer, Target, Market District, and Fresh Thyme Market just to name a few. The rapid growth of our brand has been met with equal supply chain efficiency from our co-packing and distribution partners, which has translated into an exceptional level of customer service to our retailers, who can certainly attest to our slogan, “The Best in the Midwest!”.