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Free Shipping on any orders over $75


Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been selling food?

 I have been working in the culinary world for 19 years. 

What do you sell the most?

Well, that depends on if you are talking specifically about retail or food service. There are a lot of restaurants that use my products; the Tomato 2.0 Pizza Sauce is how I started my company, but the Bacon Jam is ever gaining popularity. On the retail side of things; the Bacon Jam outperforms the rest.

Can I buy Bacon Jam in a store?

Of course, we are proud to be available in every state in the country, roughly 1,700 locations and counting. If you don’t see it on the shelf please inquire with the store manager.  

What do I do with that Bacon Jam, Put it on a Biscuit?

Bacon Jam is a grilling condiment, so think “Off the Grill”. Originally created for hamburgers, but has gained popularity for charcuterie boards, deli sandwiches, and sauteed veggies. One of my favorites is a bratwurst. Please check the recipe tab on the website for fun ideas

Why did you even start selling?

As a Chef, I was approached by multiple restaurant owners wanting me to create unique items for their menus. I didn’t want to just sell the recipe, which evolved into selling into foodservice first, then in early 2019, I launched the retail line.

Do your recipes have gluten?

No, the Bacon Jam, Spicy Bacon Jam, Pizza Sauce, and Blackstrap BBQ do not have gluten… Only one of my formulas contains gluten, and that is the Bourbon Barrel Mustard. Gluten is present in the bourbon since it is made from grain.

Do you have any organic products?

We do use some organic ingredients, but not all ingredients are available organic yet. As of 2024, only 2% of American farmland is registered as organic. As that number grows, so will the availability of organic ingredients along with our product offerings. If you are interested in this, please send us a note.