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Midwest Fresh Grill Pack

The Grill Pack, Grill like a champion with Bacon Jam, Blackstrap Bbq sauce, and the exclusive Blackened/Cajun Rub. Kit comes with recipe cards in the box.

Perfect gift for fathers day, or for anyone who loves the grill. The Midwest Fresh Grill Pack has the best grilling sauce and seasoning in the Midwest.

Award-Winning Bacon Jam is a must-try for anyone!
Award-winning BEST BURGER SAUCE. Originally created for a restaurant hamburger topping, Bacon Jam has grown into the headliner for Midwest Fresh. Gooey bacon and onion marmalade/relish, that has more uses than we know about. -think off the grill. Bratwurst, cheeseburgers, grilled fish, sauteed vegetables, easy to make into a crust or topping, and great as a dip. This is the best burger sauce in Indiana and the Midwest. Also used for Bloody Mary’s and recently renowned for use on Charcuterie boards. Will be the spotlight at any gathering or grill party.

2019 LUX Life Best Burger Sauce
2019 LUX Life Leading Artisan Purveyor
2020 GOOD FOOD Awards Finalist


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