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Free Shipping on any orders over$75


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With over 17 years in the foodservice and retail industry, food is our

Midwest Fresh offers unique and delicious products ranging from our best-selling Bacon Jam to our innovative Brick Oven Pizza Sauce and Bourbon Barrel Mustard. Our extraordinary sauces have been adored by consumers and retailers alike. As one of the fastest-growing brands in the Midwest, we are focused on the demands of a market that yearns for exclusive products sourced from high-quality food producers, and we continue to craft our specialty foods to suit those needs. Product quality remains our top priority as we gravitate towards the national stage. Through deliberate trial and sourcing, we are able to craft our products into great tasting additions for any palate, especially with today’s market. Today’s consumer actively seeks out these product features as well as many other attributes that can be found in Midwest Fresh products such as Gluten-Free, non-GMO, and sourced from sustainable farms. This strategy continues to hold true with high levels of residual sales being organically grown by word of mouth. When your customers want to Grill Like A Champion, look no further.

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  • Best Pizza Sauce

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The rapid growth of our brand has been met with equal supply chain efficiency from our distribution partners, which has translated into an exceptional level of customer service to our retailers, who can certainly attest to our slogan, “The Best in the Midwest!”